Saturday, April 18, 2009

you look so.... healthy

seems to be the acceptable thing to say to the formerly obese person you may not have seen in a while, as decided by society in general. Must've heard it over 20 times in 4 days!

"Half the woman" "Wow, you look so well" "Still losing weight then" "You must feel so much better" "You seem so happy" "OK, dieting does work!" "No way! you can REALLY tell.. "Wow, you got smaller"

BIG boost to my ego, very well timed too.

lots of NSVs too, firstly was travelling on the train and being able to sit and nurse the babies in the aisle seats. I had been used to going into the space by the doors, as I couldn't squeeze behind the tables. Being able to all sit together at a 4 seat table on the train was so nice!

At the hotel I had a bath, fitting easily in the teeny tub AND the hotel towel went around with loads to spare. Last time we stayed in a travelodge I had to shower and the bath towels were too narrow to cover me.

Walking around the city I realised how much fitter I felt, the walks that used to feel "long" were a cinch and took half the time. Got back some pouch slings we had lent out (they had always been too small for me to use) ended up using one on a trip to Sheffield, and having to switch back as it was too big!

On the Friday we had a fun day out with friends, sadly Seth had an accident as we left the supermarket at the end of the day. After some first aid for the bleeding mouth (nasty scar and looks like he'll lose a tooth, poor kid) I asked him if he wanted a ride for the 3 miles back to the hotel. He was on my back in a flash. Friends, concerned, asked how I could possibly carry him all the way back. Found it difficult to believe me when I said that the 65lbs combined weight of the kids = fat I've lost so far, so really it'd be just like walking home from the shops alone 7 months ago. I REVELLED in the shock on their faces.

I was glad to let that load down when we got back - sweet relief!


  1. sorry to hear about the accident but awesome nsv's you must be on top of the world!