Tuesday, May 12, 2009

75 points sitting in a jar..

it's a constant source of temptation, every time I wander through the kitchen it's sat there waiting for me. Too often for my mental wellbeing I am asked to open it, releasing the wonderful scent, and spread it over various baked items for the kids.

Bloody Nutella. Everything tastes better smothered in it.

The 3yo is a sensible being, enjoys one sandwich with the proper serving size and puts the jar away. Why didn't *I* get that gene.

Still, I am winning the battle, have enjoyed some, but not gone OTT. Am having to save points ready for the weekend celebrating the anniversary of the Things birth. My baby girls turn 1 year old tomorrow, and this weekend shall see much cake and buffet food. I am giving myself the task of photographer, in the hope of avoiding stuffing up my week. I need those 2lbs off to hit my target on Monday.

Having a mad week of resisting temptation to overeat, post binge week is always horrid and my blood sugar is really messed up. Got to just enjoy the weekend of celebrating without becoming a slave to the sugar!

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  1. happy birthday to the twinkies! i miss nutella