Sunday, May 24, 2009

slog week

Been a rough few days. As of Wednesday morning I was 60points over. Meaning I'd stuffed just over 4 days worth of calories down inside 36 hours. Enough, I cried. And after a month of pissing about, I got back on plan.

Next hurdle was waking up Friday morning at 4am in agony, headache, shivering, feeling sick, and a familiar burning throbbing bruised pain in my chest. My second case of mastitis, a year to the day since my last. Spooky.

Still, I have kept to my points, today am feeling a lot better, and hopeful for a good WI tomorrow. Aiming for the goal I wanted to reach a week ago of 152lbs. I'm just 7.5 points over for the week - not counting bonus points.

Behind on my squats, just completed day 2 of the week today.

Day 2/Week 5
rest 45 seconds between each SET
set 1

set 2

set 3

set 4

set 5

set 6

set 7

set 8

max was 145

Wasn't sure how I'd fare today, being ill for the weekend and not having done any real exercise for nearly 5 days. Felt good after walking for 3 hours though, so gave it a shot. 341 for the day. Lovely.


  1. Awe, sweetie. I hope you are feeling better soon, and out of pain. *BIG HUGS*

    Good for you though, for keeping track, you are a stronger person than I'd have been! I breastfed all of mine, and was a complete wuss for pain!! LOL

    I hope your WI goes well. *crosses fingers*

  2. Feel better soon!

    Also, your legs must be feeling the burn!!