Thursday, May 28, 2009

better, much better

a total 180 from the mess that was yesterday.

Woke up and jumped on the scales to assess damage. 155.5 lbs, up 2.5. ugh. Breakfast at 8am after doing laundry and setting the dishwasher was a bowl of cereal and big glass of water. Had moments every few minutes where I wanted to stuff my face The kids were soon wailing and fighting, babies jumping on me for milk then wandering off whining every few minutes, a huge headache began to threaten. Instead of caving I got the boys set up with their trains to play, made the girls a fruit salad and myself a snack of fat free yoghurt and strawberries. Showered and dressed everyone, then started to clean instead of fridge raid.

Grabbed some reduced fat cheese and grapes before heading out, took the tribe to play at their Nana's house, hiding from my kitchen. Dinner, after a long walk, food shop and library visit, was a kids portion of fish and chips, using the 7.5 points I had left of the 16 I wanted to stick to today.

Feeling so much better tonight, headache is clearing, am feeling well again. I enjoyed my kids again today could cope with meeting their needs without feeling like I was at breaking point. I hate what bad food does to my ability to mother well. Another day where I prove that the fat girl has no clue how to live.

Sat now under sleeping babies feeling content, well fed and looking forward to bed and a new day.


  1. Well done keep up the positive attitude,you will get there xxx

  2. Keep up the good thoughts -- and look at it this way -- your arms must be SUPER BUFF carrying those cuties around!

  3. I am soooo pleased to hear you have had a good day!!