Wednesday, May 27, 2009

cabin fever

Second day stuck indoors, and I'm determined not to fall into the trap of eating to curb my boredom/frustration. We waited in for Seths birthday pressie yesterday, arrived finally at 3pm, after 8 hours of me being harrassed about how long it was taking.

Once I had it set up, and removed the baby sisters who seemed intent on stealing the most critical pieces of track, Seth and Kai were finally happy and busy and not swimming around my feet whining. I overate yesterday. Every time the red mist descended I managed to not do it, and was thrilled. Then after lunch I was about to do laundry when the girls started fighting. I quickly made them french toast and fruit snack with ice cream, and there was just enough left to make one big portion, so I did, and ate it. In the end my overeating was a mindless moment, gah. At least it's fixable.

Today I'm waiting for a courier to come collect my camera for repair. I am not going to eat over what I have tracked for myself. I have started with a huge breakfast to get my metabolism fired up, and have done my squats for today. Plotting a walk later too, if the courier comes at a decent time.

At the end of week 5 of the 200 squat challenge, I was meant to do another exhaustion test. Seeing as I completed 150 consecutive on day 3, I thought it was obvious enough that I'm good to continue on to the final week. I'm running out of days to get this week done anyway!

Day 1/Week 6
rest 60 seconds between each SET

set 1

set 2

set 3

set 4

set 5


376 today, and my muscles ache. Think perhaps that I'm still a bit run down though. Can feel that I'm still bruised and tired.

Here's to a day of even tempers, happy indoors play and sensible eating!

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  1. red mist!?! love the visual... hang in there.