Sunday, May 03, 2009

Ewwww big scary yellow fruit

Friday was red grapes, I adore white grapes and have done since I was teeny. Never tried red/black grapes though and as my tastes and comfort zones were set, they were left outside the safety zone! So, black/red grapes were a quick and easy new food to grab.. mixed a portion in with a portion of white grapes and munched through them while clearing the kitchen. After a couple of the red ones I was sold! Love the warmer flavour, more juicy mellow, less fresh bite. Am definately always going to go for the mixed punnets now, and no more will I skip buying grapes just because the whites are all sold out! Whoop.

Yesterday was meant to be artichoke day, but we were out too late for me to cook anything new, so banana day was brought forward. Ewww. I bravely licked (lol) the banana, and after waiting for 5 minutes to check I was OK (no, seriously) I cut off an inch long piece, and put it in a bowl with some ice cream. Ate a bit, face scrunched up. It tasted minging. Really couldn't get past the texture. It wasn't revolting the way I had imagined, but it was banana.. in my mouth, *shudder*. I started too feel a bit queasy and bottled it. Probably ate about a cm of the thing. Fail.

Today we were out from just before 9am until 7pm lots of silly eating again, not pointing properly and (stoopidest of all) eating bread. D'oh. No time again to cook the artichoke, but I did try blueberries. Another BIG yum. Discovering that I LOVE all these berries is very exciting, makes for easy, low point and very tasty dessert options!

So of the weeks new foods:
Celeriac - yum
Lychee - yuck
Raspberries - YUM
Blackberries - YUM
Red grapes - YUM
Banana - yuck
Blueberries - YUM

4 new fruits to add to my list, one new veg (possibly two, will try that artichoke tomorrow!) and 2 fruits i'll save for the hubby!

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