Tuesday, May 19, 2009

exhaustion test week 4

Completed, and did 180 consecutive good form squats. Probably could have pushed to get 200, but would rather finish the next 2 weeks and do it without pulling the muscles.

Am really impressed at how much difference just 2 weeks minimal training has made. Scary to think how much I *haven't* been using my body. Very glad that I am starting strengthening now, while I'm still in my 20s. 5 years of bad diet/minimal exercise has had such negative impact. I imagine then that trying to regain strength in another decade or two, without youth on my side, would be a LOT harder.

Also checked the scales this morning, and the last week had caught up to me, almost 2lbs heavier than yesterdays official WI. I am pretending not to know though - staying OP this week will certainly mean a loss, I know it's all food/water weight.


  1. 180 consecutive squats? Can I just yell, "F*CK!" loud enough you can hear it all the way from California?! DANG GIRL. You're doing great!

  2. awesome progress. i never peek at the scale mid week always fucks with my head