Monday, May 18, 2009

halfway through my challenge

Entering week 5 now (actually my 3rd week, but I started on week 3..) At the end of next week I should be taking my 'final test' and completing 200 consecutive squats.

Week 4 done, and after just 6 days training, saw me complete a total of 725 squats. I've gone from a 40-something max to easily managing 125 consecutive after 165 in the 10 minutes before. Not bad at all. Thighs of steel here I come!

Max on day 1 was 69, my thighs were aching after walking the big hill earlier in the day, but still managed 190 for the day. Day 2 my max was 103(!) my poor bum was in agony - I fell the day before while holding the twins and busted my coccyx. Sitting was (is still) excruciating, so I was a bit worried earlier in the day, whether I'd manage - but it was fine, and easily managed 103 consecutives, with 245 for the day. =) Day 3 was done late yesterday, as I totally forgot about my squats through the bustle of the weekend. Feeling bruised and tired, but completed the week with for the day, max was 125, making 290 for the day.

At the end of Week 4 it will be time to perform another exhaustion test. You should know what to do by now - simply perform as many good-form squats as you can comfortably manage. As per the end of Week 2, stress your leg muscles by all means, but please don't go beyond the safety limit. If in doubt, listen to your body.

The number of squats you complete will determine at which level of the program you'll start Week 5. Make sure you perform this test within 24-48 hours of completing Week 4.

I'll do the test tomorrow morning, looking forward to see what I can manage now.


  1. Blimey you are doing SO well!! I hope I'm like you in a few weeks, lol!