Saturday, May 30, 2009

mummy I losted my biscuits

no my sweet, mummy chucked the remaining few in the bin an hour ago. I've said it before, leave no food unattended in my sight!

Very chuffed with myself too, the temptation to stuff my face with the uneaten gingerbread men, leftover choc digestives, crisps and sponge cake has been overwhelming - almost. Am determined to have made that 70lb mark come Monday.

Hoping my busy weekend will help, alongside my angelic food choices the last 4 days, to undo the damage of the huge binge earlier this week. Since Wednesday I have been really open with those around me about my disordered eating. So far, seeing good results. The moment I say it, (that I am struggling or thinking binge-y thoughts) the hold of the food over my mind loosens a bit.

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  1. good going... weekends are the worst for me!