Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sun, sweat and swimming lessons...

Out yesterday with the sun beating down on me, feeling the beads of moisture on my back, I realised that it's time for all my nearly too big, long sleeved, black tops to go in the charity bin. Just as I was thinking about which other clothes could be added to go to charity along with the shapeless bag of heat I was wearing, Sam looked at me - laughing - and said "time to buy you some tops that let your body breath, need to let those arms into the sunlight"

As we wandered around Sainsburys doing our shop, I skipped into the clothes aisle, to see if they had a cheap vest I could change into for the walk home. Nothing. Rather, lots of things.. but all that was left were size 18/20.. once I'd have grabbed one and scarpered, but of course now I am beginning to let it sink in that a 12 is fitting me best.

Seth was looking at the paddling pools (very cleverly the store have a range of toys facing the clothes, so mum can shop clothes while the halflings, full of hope, load up on mountains of overpriced colourful plastic, guaranteed to break as soon as you get it home) and asked me if we could go swimming. I've been meaning to get him along to a pool to let him learn to swim, now he's nearly 4 it seems 'time'. Had gotten some info from the local sports centre, but upon going through my wardrobe I have no swimming gear anymore. My cossie for the last 4.5 years was a maternity tankini (I was always swimming when pregnant) in a size 18 is now long outgrown, and my pre-pregnancy size 8 bikini is teeny, and there is no way I'm going to flash my belly. I picked up a tankini in a 12, thinking that by the time it fits I can go with Seth to the pool, and the top would be comfy for wearing under the weight of the twins on warm days.

Now I've got to pluck up the courage to wear it...


  1. Are your local council doing the "free swimming for under 16s"?

    Our local pool is doing an "Active" type thing....it means they have a swipe card, and get in free. WOOT!

    And you don't need half as much courage as you think you do....you look great! ;o)

  2. You look fab & the swimming will be great for the wee ones & you, have a dip n enjoy x