Monday, May 04, 2009

week 36 - bloated bread belly

Knowing that it was going to be 'bad news' on the scales, I thought I'd get it over and done with, and get started on doing things right again!

So, on I hopped, fairly sure I'd be well back in those 11 stones. 154.5 Up 1.5lbs. Pretty tame considering the foods in my system!

You gained a bit this week

You gained 0st 1.5lb

Weight 11st 0.5lb

Change since start - 4st 11.5lb

So, you gained a little bit this week.

Is this what you expected? If so, today’s a great day to make a fresh start. If you’re stumped, talk with your leader to assess your week and get advice on how you can make some changes to get back on track for next week.

It is what I expected, it's what should happen when I put a load of sugar and over processed rubbish in. Today is a great day to make a fresh start, I've got nothing I *need* to do, Sam is home for the bank holiday and so can keep an eye on what I'm up to. There are no trigger foods left in my home.

Hoping to be at my mini goal of 152lbs for the girls birthday, 2.5lbs loss this week is entirely reasonable.


  1. Good on you for not beating yourself up about it! And good luck for this week :) You can do it!

  2. Great that you are just getting straight back on it and not worrying yourself silly about the gain - it is good that you realise what has caused it. I agree if you work at it 2.5lb is reasonable - good luck!

  3. Goon on your for taking it in perspective -- I always beat myself up more than I should when I gain.
    Fingers crossed for next week!