Monday, May 18, 2009

week 38 - a reprieve

Was fully expecting a gain this weel. Have gone over on points, and eaten a lot of my trigger foods. Still, I suppose I've been quite active too. Aware that it could all catch up with me this week, but am hoping that if I am "good" and get myself fully back on track, that I'll have a really good loss next week

Still a half pound heavier than my weigh in 3 weeks ago, and in the last month I've lost a grand total of 2lbs. Not terribly inspiring, yet on one level I'm incredibly pleased. I've eaten as I've fancied and maintained for a month. This is *the* goal, to be able to live, eat, play normally and stay at my new healthy weight. I do want to get to goal within a year, the idea fills me with excitement - but the desire to stay at goal is greater. In 5 years time I doubt I'll care whether it took me a couple extra months to reach goal, it will always matter to me if I end up weighing over 200lbs again.

The minor miracle that is my 0.5lb loss this week means I am back in the 10 stones by a whisker, and so my points now drop to 28 a day. Aiming for a big loss this week, after a month of mucking about - a 4lb loss would really get me back on track. Didn't get to 152lb for the girls birthday, am 1.5lbs over that.. I'll go whizzing past it this week.

Stats as of today -
BMI - 27.2
Weight - 153.5 lbs, total of 68.5 gone forever. 12.5 til gold.

Next minigoal is to hit my 75lbs off for Seths birthday, 2 weeks away - 6.5lbs ought to be achievable if I push this week!


  1. WooHoo!! A loss!
    Your motivation this weeks sounds right on track!!
    Good luck with your mini goals sweetie x

  2. Way to stay positive!!
    Very proud of you ^_^