Monday, May 25, 2009

week 39 - Not what I wanted, could have been worse!

So, after a blip at the start of the week, then a few days of really working hard and illness, any loss at all should be pleasing.

Seeing the result of my efforts as a lb gain this morning nearly had me in tears. Instead of cancelling WI and stuffing croissants down to shovel the disappointment away, I got changed and did some strengthening exercises. My squats and then some abdominal work. I hoped it would maybe shift the scales the right way, and it did.

Just a 1/2 lb off this week, back down to my lowest weight so far. First thought was great, a month *totally* wasted chasing the same 3lbs. I missed making my target of 152lbs for the girl birthday, I've still got a lb to lose to hit it for Seths birthday next week, and highly doubt to lose the 6lbs needed to make my target of 75lbs off for then!

Then I realised what I have achieved this month. My diet is improved. I am eating plenty of fresh veg and fruit, getting in a lot of good dairy, and have started doing strength training exercise at least 3x a week. Eating "badly" for me now means that I maintain my weight over a month. Looking back over the last 10 weeks, I've lost 10lbs, that is perfectly acceptable, healthy evem. 69lbs lost over 39 weeks. Incredible. A rate of 1.75lb weekly, perfect steady weight loss, the kind of way that means it will STAY off.

Added to all this, something you and I know (that my leader and tracker don't) is that after my miracle weigh in last week, I weighed again on the Tuesday morning to see an overnight gain of 3.5lbs.. the excesses of the weekend caught me. So I've actually lost 4lbs in those 6 days! lol.

Stats as of today -
BMI - 27.1
Weight - 153lbs, total of 69 gone forever. 12 til gold.

I will get my 5th stone next week. I would love for next week to be a BIG loss week, somehow getting to 147lbs and my 75lbs off. I will do everything on my end to make it happen, and hope. =)

Bigger goal, past that, is to reach Gold goal for the beginning of July. My payment for Monthly Pass has just gone out, taking me paid up til July 2nd. Would love that to be the last payment I make for my membership.

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  1. You and me are sooooo of the same frame of mind!!

    Trying to find the positive in everything we do, learning from mistakes and moving on to a better week ahead!!

    Congrats on the 1/2 lb loss.

    Try not to concentrate on getting weight off for certain know, and I'll come off, and stay off don't kick yourself if you don't achieve your mini goal dates....just celebrate that you got there on ANY date!!!