Monday, June 01, 2009

40 weeks - 5 stone

After a week which included a horrid amount of bingeing and a few days of careful tracking to get back on target for weight loss, not gain, I was thrilled to finally see the number 152 on the scales this morning.

Had aimed to be here 2 weeks ago, but am happy to be celebrating being 70lbs (5 stone) lighter as well as my biggest baby turning 4. A new month today, and the last month I intend to be paying for my WW membership. I've 5 weeks to lose the 11lbs needed to reach gold goal, and free meeting!

1lb loss this week has earned me my 10th silver 7 and pushed my BMI down to the next point. Also means I am just 5lbs away from my 75lbs certificate. Fairly sure I could pull a 5lb week if I actually stick to plan this week. I can always hope, though the same record is beginning to get on my nerves. Would like to hear myself say it, and believe it.

Stats as of today -
BMI - 26.9
Weight - 152 lbs, total of 70 gone forever. 11 til gold.

Am going to be OP today. Lots of cake and a fish n chip supper planned, but I'll stay within points and make up for the empty calories with copious amounts of fresh fruit and veg the rest of the week.

Happy June everyone!


  1. Oh you did it!!

    I'm hoping to be down 1lb this week. I'm actually having a hard time eating all of my pts plus my 35 pts since I'm breastfeeding :( I wonder if this is why I'm slowing down? I'm not sure.
    Any tips?

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  3. Woooo Hooooo!!!!

    *does stoopid dance round the room!!*


  4. What an achivement, your a star, well done!!!!

  5. thanks!

    @desiree: Found the early weeks hard to use my allowance well too, try grazing on more fruit and enjoy pointed veg like parsnips and sweetcorn. Add dairy in as snacks. Some cheese with an apple, or a pot of natural yoghurt sprinkled with chopped fruit and granola? Grab a handful of nuts to help get in your oils. Use full fat instead of skim, and be generous with snacks.

    Now that I am used to it, I find sticking to points hard some days, just try and make choices that give you the extra calcium and fresh produce in your diet, and that you can tweak to make less pointy as your allowance goes down in a few months.