Saturday, June 20, 2009


I've seen posts on forums I frequent, with the mysterious acronym C25K. I've seen "couch to 5K" as a thread title. I have friends who have recently begun to run regularly, and are thrilled at the new strength in their bodies, and calming time to themselves that it brings. I have longed to have an hour in a day, 3 times a week where I could do a run and shower, giving me some head space - spending some time focused on me, the ground under my feet and the music in my ears...

Today I did it. Spent a few minutes last night poking about on the C25K site. The twins are beginning to fight nursing to sleep at 7pm, they are falling asleep better if I try after 8pm, but will whine at me for milk earlier if I'm about. So I thought about how much better it would be to spend that hour of an evening running while the girls play with their brothers and dad, rather than what I have been doing - being chased about by overtired twins while I overeat in frustration.

Using Robert Ullreys podcast, I chucked some semi-suitable gear on and left all 4 (fully fed and napped) kids with Sam and took off running .. well, walking... but 5 minutes in I was running. I know from mapping my walks that to Sainsburys and back, with some winding around roads, is around 5k, so thought I'd head there and see how far I'd get in the 40mins - 8 of which were to be run, 32 walked 'briskly'. I completed the session, sweating and feeling FANTASTIC. Showering after I still felt great, with a big silly grin on my face. Was so, *so* good to get out for that bit of time and be totally selfish, uninterrupted.

Keeping with the 9 week program, I should be running the 5k for our Anniversary weekend. Sam giving me these 3 hours a week to reclaim a bit of 'me time' seems a very good pressie!


  1. WOW!!
    That sounds soooo fab!!
    Regardless of the running, just having the 'you-time' is just a blessing!!
    GO YOU!!

    Everytime I drive/walk past someone running, I absolutely ooooze with jealousy!
    My first ever, ever goal when I started this whole weight loss thing was to be able to jog/run for 'pleasure'.
    One day.

    And hey, that picture looks very *swit swoooo*!!

  2. Good for you! After walking my race for life this morning, I am determind to run it next year no matter what size I am! You have me inspired xx

  3. JOY, once again, all I can say is YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!