Tuesday, June 23, 2009

day 2 of kickstart..

and I'm peeing like I'm in my 3rd trimester! Seriously, water retention much??

All good for the weight loss though, feels like the first couple of weeks on weight watchers did. In a good way. The 2 days on seriously low points means that KickStart feels almost luxurious! I was struggling a bit yesterday, after indulging in a few (and by a few I do mean 3, not half a packet) ginger nut biscuits. With 17.5 of my points used at 5pm, dinner yet to eat and bedtimes to manage I thought I'd blown it. After trying to work out how to best stretch my 0.5 point, I remembered my secret weapon, and after a quick recap of the WW materials I had a grin on my face.

I fall into one of the categories of people who are meant to eat more on KickStart. As a breastfeeding mother (weighing under 14 stone) I get 24 a day. Wahey.

So, still 4 points less a day, and the 28 saved by the end of the week will be equivalent to having fasted for a day. I also don't use activity/bonus points. Planning to calculate them this week though, do I can see just how much points I needed to bank to hit my 5lb loss (I *will* have reached by the end of the week).

For lunch I spoiled myself with a huge toad in the hole, just 4.5 points though - 2 Sainsbury's bgty sausages (2.5), red onion, courgette and a pepper roasted in frylight, covered in batter made with 40g flour (2), egg white and 4oz water. Sooo yummy, feel well fuelled up for running later.

Yesterday was my "day off" exercise wise, every other day I now have planned either a run, as part of my c25k, or a set from whichever challenge I am currently on (100pushups for the present) but I walked 3.85 miles, 2.25 of them with 40lbs of baby wrapped onto me. Today has planned another 2.25 mile walk, as well as my 40 minute run this evening. Am going to need to organise what I am doing when to keep up with myself!

Hope you're enjoying the sun.


  1. I have a feeling I was supposed to be on more than 18 points....*scratches head* but I have ridden out the week, so tomorrow will tell!

  2. um toad in the hole ftw?