Sunday, June 21, 2009


it's been a busy weekend for me, and after a bit of a wobble late on Thursday, I have been super good and pulled back the points ready for WI tomorrow. Still, feeling a tad nervy about whether I've pulled it back in time to be good at the scales.. will know soon enough.

Have steered clear of the pancakes I made Sam for Fathers day brekkie this morning, and ignored the 4 packs of milk choc digestives strewn about the flat.. I didn't eat any of the spag bol I cooked for dinner an hour ago, and I have eaten good, whole foods and avoided wheat as much as possible. I am shattered!

After running yesterday, walking 10 miles in the last 36 hours and doing usual mum activities, all on fairly low points I laughed at the idea of doing the end of week 2 exhaustion test - as many good form push ups as I can until I'm exhausted? Yer, that'd be 1/2 of one then.

Knowing how pissed I'd be at myself for giving up 1/3 way into this challenge, I chucked The Black Ghosts on, and got down on the floor to see if I could hit 20.

I did 19, before Maya jumped on my back.. scooping her off I got back down and completed another 6. 25!! Whoo. My wrists hurt, but what an improvement! Means I'll be following the middle column again for week 3.

In a desperate attempt to drop as much weight as possible to get me back to my 70lbs off, I lopped 10 inches of locks from my head. Feel a lot lighter, but it made absolutely no difference to the scales, pah! Least now my routine of attempting to tame my mane, and ultimately giving up and tying it back can stop. Nice to be able to wash and dry my hair inside 5 minutes, it didn't hit me in the face while I was running and it's a lot more kid friendly.

Hoping to see 152lbs at the scales tomorrow, then am planning to do a week kickstart style, with the aim of dropping 5lbs to reach my 75lbs off. I'm really feeling like my head is back where it needs to be to be achieving some big numbers and pushing on with this weightloss, so time to really throw myself in and reap the benefits of my new found motivation!


  1. the new haircut really suits you, very sexy!!!

  2. Great hair Joy - looks lovely and flicky and girly :D

  3. you look fantastic -- love the hair!
    I keep thinking that I want to chop my hair all off again -- perhaps I shall!

  4. love love love the new look!