Tuesday, June 23, 2009

from fat to fit..

I have the eating thing sorted - sure, I mess up, a lot. But I *know* what to do, what is good fuel for my body, what is sugar/carb laden crap that some silly part of my taste buds think they want.. I can plan a really healthy, exciting menu each day, and have the skills to prepare and serve my family good food.

The weight is coming off, and that's great. Except after being abused for so long my body is weakened, and my muscles need some serious attention!

So, I've started exercise. I walk a lot anyway, and tend to do 90% of it with extra weight attached, in the form of my babies, and pushing around 70lbs of boy and buggy. On top of the aerobic exercise of walking 20-30miles a week, I decided it was time to start doing specific exercise to strengthen my muscles.

Came across the 200 squat challenge after seeing the image link Graized has on his blog. I took the initial test on May 2nd and barely managed 46 squats before crumbling. My legs took 3 days to stop aching and wobbling! Just a month later I completed 300 consecutive squats with no soreness afterwards.

I am at the start of week 3 of the pushups challenge, I really struggled to perform 14 a fortnight ago. On my exhaustion test this weekend I managed 25. In another 4 weeks time I will be able to do 100. Then I will start the final challenge of the 3, the 200 situps!

After discovering that the girls could manage to stay up an hour later, I decided it was time to get some time to myself. At the same time I am training my body to be able to run 5k. =) Using the podcasts by Robert Ullrey. I did my first run on Saturday. The couch to 5k program takes 9 weeks - meaning I'll be running the full distance by our anniversary weekend (just not in the wedding dress!)

1) Going to keep track of how far I walk each week, using mapmywalk, pedometer just is not reliable for me - I blame my silly short legs, the powers that be need to make a 'petite pedo' methinks.

2) 3 days a week - 15/20mins of strength exercise (Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays).

3) 3 days a week - 45mins running (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays).

*revised 30/06 when the shin pain hit - decided on giving my legs time to recover and strengthen before continuing the c25k.. will spend running days working on my abs. Once I'm pain free, then back to the c25k*

**revised again - too caught up in the hype of the 30 day shred, and a bit burned out with challenges.. am going to take the month leading up to my anniversary (22 July - 22 August) to complete the Shred.**

04/05/09 -- w3 200s
/05/09 -- w4 200s
18/05/09 -- w5 200s
25/05/09 -- w6 200s

200 squats completed - 02/06/09

June -July c25k


  1. I find Map my run .com such a handy tool Joy...go you with the running!!!!!

  2. This is great!!! I love to read other's progress and get motivated...Keep it up.