Friday, June 19, 2009

Making sure I use my points wisely

After cleaning jobs were done this morning, and I had finished my exercise, it was time for brekkie.

As I waited for my porridge to cool a bit (brunette goldilocks here) I prepared my butternut squash chips, so that they'd be ready to chuck in the oven come lunchtime.

Then had a lightbulb moment. I always ate my planned lunch if I had prepped it in the morning, not wanting to waste the prepared food. What if I prepared my entire days worth of food at breakfast time? I'd be less likely to go off plan if I knew that it would mean wasting both my time that I had spent on prep, and letting good food spoil. Also would cut down on time I had to put high point foods in while waiting for my meals to be ready. If I could cut down the time between noticing I was hungry and the meal being ready that could only be a good thing.

So, I spent half an hour preparing all the fresh fruit/veg we will eat today (after taking the photo I did the kids portions too - though we eat the same veg, I cook theirs separately. Most of the time they have things differently, veg cooked in with sauce or mince and I will use olive oil rather than frylight for them).

Anyhow, so far, so good. Have had my breakfast of porridge with honey and a glass of apple juice. Snack of a cup of grapes, lunch was a yummy 1/2 butternut squash cut into chips and roasted with herbs, along with 2 sesame seed ryvita smothered in reduced fat pate and cucumber slices. Have decided what I want to do with the rest, and really think this could be a useful tool for me for a while.

Looking forward to staying on points, AND on plan today! Yay.


  1. *waves* (I'm back, and haz interwebs again!!)

    That food all looks good enough to eat....oh, hold on....

    Well done you for staying focused!!

  2. I love that used the term "brekkie". It makes me feel like my family is here. You're doing an awesome job. Love the pic of veggies displayed in all their yummyiness.