Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I'm checking in

all going good so far. On track, exercising, eating good foods, and enjoying moderate amounts of ever-so-good stuff too.

Had a tooth extracted yesterday, ouch. Not ouch enough to stop this little piggy from eating, but that's OK. Didn't respond to pre-appointment nerves by blowing points either. I very almost did, spread near half a jar of nutella over a 4 layer thick sandwich and put it to my mouth before I grabbed hold of myself and threw it in the bin. Rather have 2 quids worth of junk thrown in the black bag than 2lbs of lard clung to my hips.

Have filled belly with a bowl of porridge, ryvita and delicious toppings and the most lush HUGE raspberries, strawberries and vanilla yoghurt so far today. Off out with the halflings while it's not chucking it down, then will find something yummy to fill on to avoid the witching hour binge this evening.

Am on day 2 of my first week of the pushups challenge, and planning a sneaky peek tomorrow to see what kind of dent I've made in last weeks lardfest.


  1. I am so very very proud of you!
    You are doing FAB!!


  2. ouchie, i hate the dentist

  3. You become extra aware of what you are eating when you have a hole in your gum for stuff to get lost in. :D How on earth did you find the strength of mind to chuck out a nutella sandwich? Am in awe.