Thursday, June 11, 2009

my ears are burning

or they really ought to be. Was out walking in the gorgeous sunshine that managed to break through yesterday, and bumped into Jo (a helper at the meetings), she asked if my lobes were warmer than usual, and said that she and Bridget had been talking about me the night before. I've not been for 2 weels, so fair enough. Promised to be back next week and was on my way.

Just as I was on the verge of making a silly choice food wise this morning, the post clattered in our box.. I found a note from B inside.
Dear Joy, I know you won't have given up but give me a call if you need any help or support. From Bridget.
I am so glad to have people watching me.
I have got back up and now I have to stay up.
The heat is ON.


  1. Oh wow, that is so nice of them!
    No one's giving up on you :D

  2. i didn't mail anything but also not giving up

  3. Joy, I just wonder - do you consider being a WW Leader after reaching your goal? :)))

    you didn't respond to my email I sent you a few months ago - if this is because I've mistakenly written about Seth as a girl then please forgive me... :(

    Kindest regards,

  4. I like it when WW leaders keep in touch :o)