Monday, June 15, 2009

things are looking up - a nsv

I've eaten good things today. It's already 5, and the girls are asleep and nursing now I've finished making (and eating) tea, boys are happily playing and we've an hour until our evening walk to meet Sam. With 5 points left after my ryvita and salad I made myself a bowl of natural yoghurt, granola crunch cereal and some strawberries. Upon finishing the portion I wanted more. Usually, being Monday, I would make myself more and dock the points off the next day.

Not any more, I have WI in 2 days time, instead I settled down to blog. Yay, another battle won.


  1. You'll get there love, mind over matter as they say! Have a good evening x

  2. good job. more than i've done this weekend... oink oink!