Wednesday, June 03, 2009

dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah bat-wings, wobbly batwings

After an eat-a-thon yesterday, as foolish coping tool for another consultant appointment for Malachi today (I hate going to the hospital, totally stresses me out, but I know all will be fine once we're there) I am on a strict eat-really-well-and-use-my-body day today.

So instead of making buttery toast like the MBG was insisting would be the best use of my time I gave her a quick slap and got on with the initial test for the hundred pushups challenge. Very humbling to find that 17 had me in a quivering mess on the floor, my wrists screaming along with MBG for the toast option. Still, puts me in rank 3, and I could do some, instead of resorting to wall pushups (the only type I could do just 6 months ago!)

number of pushups performed
1 0 - 5

2 6 - 14

3 15 - 29

4 30 - 49

5 50 - 99

6 100 - 150

7 150 & above

Sam is home today, and watching me with eagle eyes to ensure no repeat of last nights muffin extravaganza. Birthday season is truly over now. I can back back on the WW wagon and still manage to make my next mini target of 75lbs certificate next week, and then hopefully the other 6lbs to reach gold goal for July. My mum is just a few lbs off of her gold goal, she has already cancelled her monthly pass subscription, to give her the boost to get to goal before this pass expires! Am considering doing the same.. July 1st for her, July 2nd for me.

I need to sit down and rewrite my motivation list. Reading my blog list recently it's a big theme of the moment. Lots of people going off track and scrambling madly to get back on without spending a moment to really think through why, and give them the extra energy needed to leap back with gusto. That is what I need, some excitement and energy for this again. After 9 months I need a refill on my incentives. I have changed, and so have my reasons for doing this. If I spend a few minutes thinking about what I wanted to achieve and HAVE achieved I will feel better about myself where I am now. Then I can think through where I want to be in 3 months, write the list and go for it!

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  1. i struggle with the pause to reflect and re direct. i take more of a shotgun approach that doesn't always work as well. maybe i should try some rethinking...