Monday, June 08, 2009

the one where I refresh the targets.

Targets left to achieve: goal dates original and revised

75 lbs off
(147lbs) 01/06/05 29/06/05
4th 10% goal (146lbs) for July
lose weight of both twins & the toddler
WW goal for gold membership (81lbs off for July) 20/07/09 Race for life
lose weight of both twins & the preschooler
sixth stone 19/07/09 (race for life) for August
lose weight of both toddler & preschooler
5th 10% goal (131lbs) 6th wedding Anniversary
seventh stone (98lbs off) 23/08/09 6th wedding anniversary
goal 100lbs off for my 26th 26/09/09

So I'm after losing the 5lbs I gained this week, ready for next - reclaiming my 5th stone lost.

Then it's another 5lbs in 2.5 weeks to meet my first new goal =)


  1. Great to see your new goals Joy! I cannot wait to see how fab you look and hear how great you feel when you're there!

  2. nice to see you keeping targets up to date and in the front of your mind.

  3. YAY!!
    New targets!!

    Keep stoking that belly fire!!!