Tuesday, June 30, 2009

shin splints

Set out for my run today, have been a bit sore for a few days but thought as I've been active and walking daily it was just soreness, no injury. A few seconds into my run I felt a slice of pain stab along my left shin, soon there were several. By the time the 60 secs run was up both legs felt bruised and the shards of pain were like new wounds, pain radiating with each step. Something felt off, the pain wasn't easing off and after a while I began to feel I was pushing towards making things worse.

Googled shin pain, and arse...

A shin splint is the most common cause of exercise-induced leg pain encountered by athletes of all levels. It is essentially an inflammatory reaction involving the deep tissues of the lower leg and may involve tendons & muscles.

  • running and walking may be extremely painful. In severe cases, even light weight bearing may be painful.
  • Tenderness is usually present between 3-13 cm above the foot


  • Over exercise
  • Mechanical problems with the feet such as "over pronation".
  • Tight calve muscles.
  • A young novice runner training for long periods on hard roads and in poor physical condition.
  • Training on hard surfaces such as concrete.
  • Improper shoes, inadequate shock absorption.
  • Excessive rotation of the hip.
So, seems suddenly starting out running, on the pavement, in old canvas shoes - without support - and not stretching/strengthening first *may* have something to do with it.. Spoke with my sister, she had the same thing happen when she started running, and rested for a couple weeks and got insoles for her flat feet.

  • Purchase shock absorbing running shoes.
  • Decrease training immediately.
  • Review stretching exercises may be necessary
  • Maintain fitness.
  • Do not train downhill, this can aggravate the condition.
  • Purchase shin splint insoles.

Have bought new shoes.
Will stop running for month of July, instead I will Shred (which will help with the strengthening and fitness maintenance)
I will be careful on hills - am now remembering squealing in pain while walking downhill on Sunday.. managed to block that memory until now.
I shall acquire some insoles ready for August.

Going to restart the c25k once I have completed the 30 day shred.


  1. Mmm yes, I used to have shin splints from playing rugby in high school -- no fun!

  2. i bought new kicks too. made a world of difference!

  3. I got shin splints from skiing - mega painful, i feel sorry for you!