Thursday, June 25, 2009


so, went out this morning and bought a new set of scales drom the chemist, thinking I ought to stay commited to this 2nd weigh in midweek. Not feeling it was necessary as I am back on track, coming naturally, enjoying my food etc..

So, quite sure I'd see a decent loss already .. not a 1.5lb gain!!!!!!!!!!!

I am trying to talk myself down, that they are just bitchy scales and not calibrated to the weightwatchers scales (or my poor old set).



  1. I'd be tempted to go with the fact that they are new....and you don't know the difference between class ones, and those.
    Don't be disheartened hun!!

  2. Bollocks to that! You're doing amazingly well - don't let this deter you!

  3. I agree. New scales are never the same as old, even in the same brand. Don't be discouraged, you are doing wonderfully! And you are an inspiration to those of us just beginning!
    Keep it up,