Sunday, June 28, 2009

sun, sand and BBQ

Asked the eldest kidlet what he was wanting from his Sunday, he answered "see Nana, Grandad, Mark and Nunu, (my family) play drums, draw things. Climb a tree, see Gran, Ben, Annabelle and Tim (the in-laws). Play in a pirate ship, eat yummy food, go on a train and a car ride." OK kiddo... can do.

After the mile long walk to church we played in the creche and did some colouring. Seth saw his aunt and uncle and played the drums (my brother is the bands drummer, so the boys get access to the kit once service ids over) while I caught a few minutes with my parents - mum was just 2lbs off goal last week, but has struggled with eating this week.. so will she manage to hit her gold tomorrow? I am a bit nervous and excited!

Then we jumped on a train - well, 3 - to Reigate, to Sam's mums'. Played there and had a BBQ, I ate salad with a bit of chicken and coleslaw, and a burger with a small bun. Also might have had a toffee flapjack which probably put me over by 8 points.. oops, still, had a lovely afternoon and ran around the park with the kids (all around the sand and pirate ship) until gone 7pm. Got a lift home, with a box of gingerbread men on my lap (ginger biscuits are a real favourite of mine) and didn't eat a single one. Promised myself to work some into tomorrow as a pat on the back for being a bit more restrained today. Will be happy with sts tomorrow, had a lot of comments on my changing shape, so even though the scales are sticking, the inches aren't. All my exercise is doing the job.

Got a feeling that the running I will be doing now the girls are walking a lot will be a help too! Chasing 4 kids at once is a job worthy of calorific BBQ food!

Oh, and Seth got to do all the things on his list, except riding the dragon. I *assume* he meant flying a winged, flame breathing beast... I don't know where to get hold of one of those..

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  1. lol sounds like an awesome weekend. chasing twins is a great vaccine for bbq... not sure about the toffee flapjack