Saturday, June 27, 2009

these shoes are made for running...

and today that's just what they did.

Sam took me and the boys sports shoes shopping after rugbytots today. Bought the boys new trainers each (both grown another size - they're like weeds) and then I had to find some half decent shoes for running.

Not had a proper pair of trainers since I left school. Closest I own are my converse.. not the best now I am running, aiming to do 5k.

Found some tracksuit bottoms while in the store too, rather than my yoga pants, hoping to feel the part now at least.

Did the last run for week 1, definately feel stronger, less breathless while running. Began to feel some pain in my shins though, just hoping it was new shoe/muscle stretching and not the start of injury.

Another day on track, going to be a busy one tomorrow, then weigh in the morning after. Still feeling a bit gloomy about the week, really was hoping for a good loss. My scales still say that I have stayed at the same weight since Mondays weigh in. Think that they are accurate, after trying lots of family members on the things.

I guess it makes sense, still I'm disappointed. Know that my head is back in things now though. Am determined to break past this barrier and get into those 140s asap. I won't be beat by a couple slow weeks.

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  1. quit sneaky peeking!!!

    Those trainers look fabby :o)