Monday, June 15, 2009

week 42 - damage control

After the scare of 161 staring me in the face on Saturday morning, I have been as good as gold for the weekend. Lots of water, walking and fresh foods. No going over points, even managed to save 18 as I wasn't very hungry Saturday, after the caloriefest on Friday.

Went to WI today, and got on those scales to see a loss of 2lbs from last week! Whoop. That means 6lbs down from 2 days ago - thank goodness I stopped before that weight turned 'sticky'.

Stats as of today -
BMI - 27.4
Weight - 155 lbs, total of 67 gone forever. 14 til gold.

My goal of 75lbs off for the 29th still stands, that's a fortnight to lose 8lbs. If I really push, really get my head back on track, I *think* I can pull it off. I'm going for it.

Talked to my leader about going to Thursday WIs too, but she thought that we can only WI once a week, which makes sense.. so I am going to do a midweek checkpoint myself on a Thursday morning, and track here as well as on my facebook page, to keep myself commited all. week. long. Hoping to see 10 stone - something by this Thursday and wave goodbye to the 11s for THE LAST TIME. Means losing 1.5lbs in the next 3 days, can do, easy!

Thanks so much for all the positive comments and emails. I am really grateful for the time and thought that others spend on boosting each other in bloggerland. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine, and the scales are moving the right way! Got to catch up on my reading. =)

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