Monday, June 29, 2009

week 44 - small victories, victorious skinnies

After the wobble mid week when the new scales broke the news about the previous week having caught up with me, I was sure I was headed back off the rails. KickStart went out the window, though I did keep tracking, and had a careful day on Saturday. I knew the scales were still showing a sts/small gain and after a day out and BBQ yesterday I was just hoping that I would at least maintain.

My new scales said 151.6, WI said 151.. another 1lb off and I am really chuffed. I know I was in points for the week, ready to do KickStart properly this week. I want to see the back of the 150s come the midweek check in - I've hung out in this decade for far too long.

Stats as of today -
BMI - 26.7
Weight - 151 lbs, total of 71 gone forever. 10 til gold.

So, 4lbs to shed this week. I have a new tracker ready to start next Monday, and at the end of those 12 weeks I want to be at my 100lb loss.

meeting was fab.. aside from being pleased to see a loss, however small, to show for my efforts this week, there was a cheering and clapping ahead of me in the queue. My mum did it and has reached goal! 11 stone (154lbs) on the nose this morning, giving her a BMI of 24.8. Down 45lbs from 14st 3lbs (199lbs) and a BMI of 32.1. She got her certificate and key chain thingy, and looked so happy (and slim)! Now the smallest she's been since she first put all the weight on, back when I was a teen. For the first time in my adult life, my mum is at a healthy weight, whoop.


  1. kick ass loss and great news for your mom