Monday, June 22, 2009

week 43 - back in the driving seat

Whoop, I did it. Being extra good this weekend meant I was just 6 points over for the week, but I never count my activity points so figured I'd easily break even. Without being able to check first on my scales it was a bit nerve wracking heading to the meeting. I looked down and grinned to see the big numbers pop up. Another 1.5lbs off since Thursday.

3lb loss this week has earned me back my 10th silver 7 and pushed my BMI back down to the next point.

Stats as of today -
BMI - 26.9
Weight - 152 lbs, total of 70 gone forever. 11 til gold.

My leader made a big fuss of me this week, mostly because for the first time that she has seen me, I was wearing clothes that fit. Usually I'm in baggy stuff, not wanting to spend money on stuff that will be too big in a few short weeks. I have found a few clothes in the back of the wardrobe that fit though - today I was wearing a pair of size 12 linen trousers that I last fit into in 2003, and a size 12 top I found in Sainsburys last week for a couple of quid. Thinking about it, my mum did a quick *squee* when she saw me this morning, and said a few times I looked "skinny". Apparently the new clothes look good, hee!

Now I am again just 5lbs away from my 75lbs certificate. I know that using kickstart I could probably pull a 5lb loss out the bag this week. Like Shaz, I liked the idea that some of the contestants on The Biggest Loser used one week. They all set a goal amount to lose in that week, and kept it at the front of their minds by having this number written on their hand all week. Going to find a pen and ink myself up with a 5!

Last week of the summer slim up this week, I really want to hit my revised goal.


  1. WOOHOO!!
    I am so pleased for you Hun!!

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that '5' for you!!

    Proud of you for keeping focussed this week. you've done a FAB job!!

  2. good luck with the goal and please stop with the hot pics! I'm getting positively nippley!

  3. congrats!!!
    so awesome!

    you can TOTALLY do it ;)

  4. well done you, the demons are well n truly demolished!! You look great too xx

  5. Wow, well done on your loss, you look fabulous in your new pic!