Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Whoop, thighs of steel

I did it. Took my final test today and performed the 200 squats. Yay for the 200 squat challenge. Easy to follow and a month to the day after being in agony after completing just 46, I am able to crank out 200 without breaking a sweat! My total today was actually 300, spurred on by a second wind at about the 150 mark, and the track switching from the almost too chilled the black ghosts to SMBH. (Oh, and no fear - I'm not *that* dehydrated - sweat was very definately present by about 220!)

On May 2nd I took the initial test, and completed 46, two days later I was still sore and wobbling around on jelly knees! As per the site instructions I jumped straight in at week 3, but was a little apprehensive that I had pushed too hard, and expected to discover that I needed to pull it back to week 1 and go slow to avoid straining myself.

As it was, I was able to tackle week 3, and felt a huge improvement in strength just after those first days. Over the 4 weeks I've continued to feel my strength increase at an amazing rate. In the space of the month I have completed around 4 thousand squats.

Week 1 (3) -- 473
Week 2 (4) -- 725
Week 3 (5) -- 1,009
Week 4 (6) -- 1,253

initial test -------- 46
exhaustion test -- 180
final! test --------- 300

Now I am hooked, next I will take part in the hundred pushups training program.


  1. Thats fan-bloody-tastic Joy, Well done and good luck with the push up's, think i could manage 2 or 3 at the most!!! xx

  2. Fantastic, just catching up with your blog now! I did 204 but in reps earlier, am on week 4 I think, lol!!

  3. Dang girl...you had a bullet-proof ass now for sure. Congrats on your 200 squat certificate. I'm so impressed!