Monday, June 22, 2009

Wow - biggest loser

Just watched the final and wow! The changes that a lot of the contestants managed to achieve inside just 17 weeks were phenomenal. Especially as a great deal of the work was done in the 9 weeks back in "real life".

A few stood out. Miriam looked amazing, had started at a weight a few lbs less than me, and I found her interesting to watch, as I could see I had a lot of stuff in common with her. She had lost nearly 25% of her start weight in 17 weeks, fantastic.

Carol, middle aged lady who came in for her daughter made me gasp. She looked like an entirely different woman. Her start weight was a pound below mine at 15st 11lbs; in just 4 months she had shed over 30% of her weight to get to 10st 12lb! That is half the time it took me!! Really astounding.

Then, of course, Kevin. He had done do well, and was unrecognisable. From 23st 8lb to 14st 2lb!! That's 132lbs off in 4 months! 40% of his start weight, gone. It was his idea to write the number of lbs to lose on his hand to keep it front and centre.. I'm on that boat!

5lbs next week is more than reasonable having these incredible losses in mind!!

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