Thursday, July 02, 2009

52 days

until the 6th anniversary of the date Sam and I got hitched.

I bought my dress in the winter of '02, needing a size 16. I spent the next few months losing 30lbs, and on my wedding day I was a size, 8-10 my dress having been altered to fit. August 23rd 2003 I weighed at about 125lbs. Every Anniversary since I have been overweight..

2004 - I was weighing 157lbs, recovering from the ordeal of miscarried twins the month before.
2005 - 10 weeks post partum, weighing around 190lbs and having started weightwatchers just 2 weeks before.
2006 - 5 months pregnant, 205lbs having gained, on top of the extra weight I had not lost from pregnancy with my eldest.
2007 - Had been on weightwatchers for 3 weeks, with a 26 month old and 7 month old, I had weighed my heaviest the month before.. recorded a weight of over 230lbs and a bmi of 40.
2008 - 2 months post partum, back at 222lbs having not added any extra weight this time. 2 weeks later I began - for the last time - at weightwatchers.

2009, I will be at a healthy weight, I will fit into my dress. Will try it on at intervals in the coming weeks..

first time I have gotten it out of storage since 2003.. and a few lbs to go until it'll fit me again!

and how it is supposed to look...


  1. you are totally going to do it!!

  2. awesome goal and motivator. maybe you could renew your vows to celebrate

  3. What a fabulous dress, good luck, you can do it!

  4. That's a beautiful dress Joy. Can't wait to see you in it again. Great goal.