Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I clamber back onto the wagon, flushed and struggling to catch my breath.. hoping somehow that no-one noticed me slip off .. an awkward moment as I attempt to squish myself back into the space vacated just days ago, surely the week of eating can't have been THAT bad? Skinny gold0member neighbour moves up the bench, with a raised eyebrow at my sheepish expression, before motioning to me to sit down. A friendly newbie finds it in their heart to help me out, and mimes wiping at their mouth - oops, no wonder skinny next door is still glaring daggers..

Already having to put up with my flabby, sweaty mess of a body sat practically onto her knee - the evidence of my crimes are not only apparent in my bloated waistline, but are literally still splashed across my face. After wiping the chocolate spread from my cheek, I fish some wipes out of my bag, rustling wrappers as I go, and frantically swab at the syrup on my jeans.

Once cleaned up I sit back and attempt to regain my calm composure . The wagon is still moving, my work is not all undone. A few days hanging out with old friends at 150 doesn't mean I'll wake up in 220, just means I won't get the financial benefits of living at 140, or see the sights of 130, or feel the thrill of reaching 120, my dream neighbourhood. The journey is still ongoing, my ticket valid. I can make stops along the way.

What went wrong? I ate wheat. A total accident, and one I only worked out days after the fact. It was a teeny tiny amount, but Oh My Granola, the repercussions...

Last week I attended 4 events with party eats, 1 BBQ and 3 picnics. Picnic 1 on Monday was OK. I ate my pointed goodies and was happy as Larry on Prozac. Wednesday was a teddy bears picnic at playgroup. I was stuck as nearly everything was wheat-y. Managed to make a small plate with cucumber, strawberries, cheese and a Jordans oat bar. That evening I craved food, though I was already over points.. my tummy grumbled all night, and the net morning I felt bloated but ravenous. Thursday and Friday I struggled to stay on track. I felt like I had an upset stomach and wanted to eat and eat.

Saturday we had a picnic with friends. Overate badly. Sunday we went to a BBQ. I abstained from anything wheat-y. Plumping for salad and potatoes. Got home and overate. Monday I skipped WI, it was tipping it down, but I couldn't pretend to be any less than thrilled not to go. Yesterday I went over points, as I did today. 2pm this afternoon I reach to get a Jordans oat bar, and note the new packaging on this box, like the one I ate at the tots picnic last Wednesday.. hang on.. it contains wheat bran?? Eh? Check the old bars.. nope, no wheat.. ohhhh %&*%$ that explains that then. About 10grams of wheat last week, and the new regime crumbled.

Well, back on the horse now.. onwards and downwards = and no more hiding and scoffing.

Am probably back over 155 now. Definately not going to hit goal for Monday, unless I chop off a limb. Am thinking it would not work well, long term.

Still, my goal is to get back on track. Get weighed on Monday and then use the remaining 3 weeks til my anniversary to work my arse off to reach gold, and fit that dress.


  1. Oh no... :( Stupid people changing the recipe! You'll be back on track in no time though, let's both work our butts off for the next 3 weeks then! I'd LOVE to drop 1/2 a stone before my trip to the UK :)

  2. yikes, that sucks :-(
    Crazy how bad the effect of a few grams of wheat is. At least you've found the culprit and can get back on the wagon. Very funny intro, but I do think you're exaggerating just a little bit ;-) Made me laugh though :-)

  3. Awe, Crap!!

    Thank goodness you noticed now and not after another had been scoffed!

    You are doing so well sweetie.....I am on that wagon with you.....and not letting you go!!
    *holds on to you tight!*

  4. Ive super-glued you to the wagon now. You won't be slipping off again :)

  5. Blimey you've been busy! Hope you get yourself nicely back on track now :o)

  6. hang in there and welcome back... you have been missed!

  7. oh man that isso annoying! cant believe they changed the recipe on you! grr.