Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another good day - but will it be enough?

Have had 21 points today, eating when hungry and not being too careful, still I am 7 under my allowance! Had Greek yoghurt with walnuts and honey for breakfast (5.5) a 3 bean and tuna salad for lunch (4.5) some coco pops with raspberry yoghurt for dessert (4.5) Teatime I had a big bowl of oats with raspberries and apple (6) and butternut squash chips with a dollop of salad cream (0.5)

Still finding skipping the wheat to be fine. Crumpets, toast and wheat flakes avoided at breakfast. Pain au chocolat, maltesers and crisps ignored at lunch. Watched Sam as he ate 2 bowls of Lyle's golden syrup ice cream without flinching, and did not help the kids eat through their toffee cereal bars which they devoured after eating the sandwiches I had made (but not eaten!)... All good. =)

Still though, even with the last few days strategy, I am over by anywhere between 70-90 for the week. Depending on how much the babies have been feeding (think they are growth spurting again) I could break even, doubt it though - if I manage a sts I will be very pleased.

Find out tomorrow morning - then I am really excited about this next week and the way my system is responding to being free from wheat!


  1. hang in there you can do this...

  2. You can certainly do this Joy. I have no doubt. Must you mention 'salad cream'? Do you know my aunt Sheila used to make me a sandwich with salad creme? I can't remember what else was on the sandwich but I loved that salad creme followed by 1 or 2 flakes. Have mercy.