Friday, July 03, 2009

chop chop...

Sam has dangled a carrot in front of my messy haired head.. once I hit gold at weightwatchers, he's gifting me a visit to a salon to have my hair done.

He is *very* into my hair being long. Hates when I chop it short (which I used to do frequently) Since I put the weight on, he's been in luck too. I've kept my hair long and not had it cut at all. Trims and fringes, yes, but done by me, at home. The last time I went to a salon was when my eldest was brand new.. so 4 years ago. And it was a 2 inches trim. Before that it was 2003, after our wedding. Almost 6 years since I've had any confidence in my appearance, or thought myself worth taking to a salon. That is sad. =(

Anyway, fed up with the heat in my long locks, I hacked over a foot of length off a week or two ago. Wearing what is left of it in pigtails to keep it out of my face. Hubby noticed that I look happier and fresher with all the old, uncared for hair gone too. So, the offer was made. A chance to summer with short, kid friendly hair, and to grow out my locks and keep them healthy and in great condition too. I'm excited to have my hair how I want it, with a non-chubby face to frame. Yay!

Just got to find a decent salon now (as well as shed those 10lbs)!


  1. Joy - you are gorgeous. And you're awesome is so nice to dangle that carrot.

  2. what a lovely offer, I could never cut my own hair, wouldn't be safe to be honest! I let my friend cut it once and that was a bit of a disaster. I don't get it done often as I tie it up every day but would love to have a new style at some point! I hope that you have a fantastic trip to the salon when you get to goal and you should take one of your before pics to show them - you should be so proud!

  3. I am so proud that you are within biting distance of being at goal!!

    You look absolutely FAB!
    And with the new 'doo' you'll *feel* fab too!!

    Sam may well yearn for the longer locks, but you will oooooze sexy-ness once you feel on top of the world, and the hair will become a minor issue to him!! *wink*