Saturday, July 11, 2009

dear donuts, we're through.

not satisfied with torturing my body by suddenly withholding wheat (53 hours now) I went and paid a stranger to poke holes in my face. Been ages since I have worn any jewellery, aside from my wedding rings (and it's really rare that I wear those) but I've been mulling over getting a couple repierced, and today we were in town and I thought, yer, why not?

This means more than just getting a hole in my body - I feel like *me* again. No, I'm not the 19 year old girl who didn't need to worry about her weight, wore clothes as an expression of her personality rather than a way to hide herself.. but, finally, I'm feeling like the 25 woman she should have grown into.. just that til now woman had been held captive by the fear, fat and fatigue that were caused by mental (and physical) illness.

I'm still here, stronger than ever and ready to really live and be happy.

Today has been a great food day. Still no wheat and I've eaten 17 points and am not hungry. The lack of cravings or hunger pangs is AMAZING. I hope it continues to be this easy. The only downside so far is flatulence! I remember this from when I became vegetarian, there was a period where I was on constant alert. Hoping this passes (ahem) soon.

Oatibix are yummy, 2.5 points per portion instead of 2 for Weetabix, but much more filling. Then had a yummy wheat free hot cross bun with jam, and some rice cereal and raspberry yoghurt for a snack. At 2pm we decided to get lunch, as usual that was at Quiznos - I always have a sandwich and cookie, but had to go out of my box- roadhouse ranch salad, with just a tbsp of the sauce rather than the pot .. SO DELICIOUS. I was then full til 7pm. Despite going to Starbucks, where I ignored the cakes - totally unaware of them, and to the supermarket on the way home. It was too late to cook when we got in so I had an apple, a pack of maize crisps and a pot of amore - greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts. Am sat here now not hungry. Wheat has had it's last binge out of me.


  1. Good work!!

    Also, I often feel like getting some of my piercings redone... I had a bunch and I miss them sometimes.

    I think if I did I would get my septum repierced. I miss it the most.

  2. Here's to feeling like you again!
    Didn't know there was such a thing as Oatibix.

    I love greek yogurt with honey & walnuts ... didn't realize there was actually a name for it ... LOVE ... a perfect description!