Monday, July 20, 2009

just another manic Monday..

That was a fun, exhausting, hard, relaxing day of hectic activity. After weighing in this morning we went back home and got the youngest 3 to nap while sorting emails and giving Seth input on what to pack for our picnic in London.

As we were leaving the hospital calls with details of Kai's appointment with his therapist. She sounded nice enough. First visit in 2 weeks time. Phew.

Dropped Malachi at my mums (as well as needing his therapy, he would need to be in the buggy for travelling, hate doing that across London, and he wouldn't have been able to join in playing, so he got an afternoon being spoilt with Nana) and got to our train. The twins sat with Seth munching grapes and chattering about Big Ben. Finally we got to the picnic at about 2pm, after a good trip through to Westminster, and a few minutes gazing at Big Ben and Westminster Palace. First time Seth has seen them other than on Doctor Who - he was very impressed!

Had a great time at the picnic. Was really lovely to meet, in the flesh, people I've been chatting with since Seth was new. To see so many happy babies and their mums all together 'in real life' was heart-cockle warming. To have a couple of MPs come and talk with us about why we were there was brilliant too, of course. Got to play with little babies, and tweak a few slings, which is always an easy way to make me happy on a day out. The girls were in flirty mode, parking themselves on laps and attempting to feed an MP their snacks, occasionally returning to nurse/for a photo op. Seth had a blast running about with the other older kids, playing bad guys and 'arresting' people - I blame it on the many, many police about as we walked past the houses of Parliament. He had an upset tummy on the way home. Meant having to drag him through Westminster and the tube, which was pretty awful, but he was better once he cleared his system (TMI warning too late there) and we had a pleasant mooch home. Still, he reckons he had fun, wants to go back tomorrow.

Got home and tallied up the points (I really ate silly food today) to discover I had 1 left. So I made a veggie stirfry, and finished in time for Sam to get in and give me the news that he's got a promotion. Yays. A 10% pay rise, uncapped commission and move to team leader on his 12month mark in the company. Fantastic news. 4 months to go. Am very proud of him.

Today's food *ahem*

  • Snickers bar
  • almonds, cranberries and strawberries mix
  • HUGE punnet of grapes
  • chocolate covered raisins
  • yoghurt covered strawberries
  • Vegetable stirfry
Chocolate, fruit, nuts, fruit, fruit, chocolate, fruit, yoghurt, fruit, veggies... my belly is happy and a bit sore..


  1. OH wow that is such a beautiful photo of you nursing the twins!!
    And you're looking so fabulous!!

  2. Agreed, that the photo is awsome-ness!

    You did well to stay within points when you could have soooo easily gone over! GO YOU!

    And lots of 'running-about-bonus-points' earned, I am sure!

  3. Photo is by a fellow mum friend, Tracy.

    Picnics are sooo tempting usually, I pick and pick.. but with knowing I couldn't have wheat, it took the majority of the picky food off the table, so to speak. =)