Monday, July 13, 2009

measuring up...

hoping this'll give me some good news this morning - am not expecting to be thrilled at weigh in..

Another new tracker was started this week. Time to take more measurements. There was a lot more difference in these numbers than I was expecting, yay!

START week 4
week 12
BUST 50" 49" 46"
WAIST 48" 41" 40"
HIPS 49" 46" 45"
15" 14" 13.5"
THIGH 29" 27" 26"

week 24
week 33
week 45
BUST 44" 42" 39"
WAIST 36" 32" 30.5"
HIPS 42" 39" 38.5"
12" 12" 11.5"
THIGH 24" 22" 21"

My thigh shows a loss of 8 inches, and my upper arm 3.5 - that means nearly 2 foot of flab has been melted from my limbs!!
Then there's 11 inches from my bust, taking me from a 44E (with the back really tight..) to a 36D.
Another 10.5 inches from my hips, making fitting in seats a lot less of a challenge. The area over my incision has gone from 51" to 37" meaning it now doesn't jut out over my hips, making my trousered form look a lot more aesthetically pleasing.

The biggest change though, is in my waist. From a wobbly 48" to a more regular, if a little tubby 30.5" Sooo close to being back in the 20's, and well under the barrier of 32" cited as being the maximum 'safe' measurement for women. I am now counted as not being at any extra risk of diabetes because of my waist size. *grin*

My waist-hip ratio has gone from 0.98 to 0.79 taking me from high risk to low risk.

I am (as of last weigh in) just 11lbs from a "healthy" BMI, at which point I will be in the 'normal/healthy/safe/low risk' category for each of the usual checks for weight/size related health stuffs. Yays!


  1. wow - look at you shrink!'re giving those kids of yours a better future with you - adding years back onto your life, and gaining the energy and enthusiasm with which to live and share that life with the whole family.

    Can you remind me of that when I start my proper drive to get fitter when I'm back in blighty.

    Joy - you're an inspiration. xxx