Thursday, July 23, 2009

never mind muscles of steel..

mine are going for lead. Midweek check in showed a 1/2lb loss, I assume once my muscles get used to the 30DS they'll stop retaining water. To have a loss of 3-4lbs next week I need to really stay on target with both the workouts and my diet.. and very importantly, up my H2O intake.

After shredding twice yesterday, I woke up sore, like I felt after doing my initial test for the 200squats. Still managed to take advantage of my mum turning up offering to walk the girls for thirty minutes.

The first circuit is the killer. Once I'd pushed through it each time yesterday everything did just seem to get easier. Today, despite the soreness, the circuit wasn't as rough. Not easy (yet) but easier. Wasn't needing to modify any of the moves, and felt my body take to some of the strength moves less stiffly than yesterday too.

Am sat here typing, and I ache! Have really pushed today. As well as the shred, I took the kids down to the playground and park. It's at the bottom of a mile long hill. We live at the top. I pushed Kai and our stuff in the buggy (combined weight 60lbs) and carried the girls (40lbs) down and up again.. had also distracted myself earlier from the remains in the bottom of the Nutella jar by testing my thighs and doing 200 squats. Been 6/7 weeks since the final test for the challenge, but the muscles have kept getting stronger. Can feel the soreness all over, most excitingly in my abs *that means that they must exist!*

Food today:

  • oatibix with skim milk
  • grapes
  • nutella on ryvita
  • eggs and salad
  • strawberries, choc coated rice and yogurt
  • pate and cucumber on crispbread
  • dried fruit mix and meringue
  • ready salted french fries
  • greek yoghurt with honey and pecans
Bit of a sweet day, but am on points, so will let myself off


  1. Yay for the shred :) I am finding myself looking forward to moving on to level 2 now, I am enjoying the challenge of pushing myself physically! will probably have a break from it tomorrow and Saturday though as am going to visit my mum and will take the opportunity to get a bit of variation in there by going for a run and a proper ramble instead.

  2. That's a huge goal you're shooting for, but I'm for pushing harder and trying your damndest to make it happen.

  3. kicking ass joy! awesome and very motivating

  4. wow hun you have done fantasticly so inspired by what you have achieved!!!! hope ur get to ur 100lbs hun and to fit in to your dress