Sunday, July 19, 2009

Race for Life

Done! Whew - the walk itself was fab. The girls both caught a nap while I walked around Hyde Park, and we made it around inside the 1 hour we were hoping for.

Was a busy event, 13,000 women taking part. Meant to begin at 11am, runners didn't set off until 11.15, and we walkers finally crossed the start line at 11.55am! Pleased to have taken part - even though the babies were hard work on the train/bus journey.. stoopid Sunday timetables meant we were tired by the time we got back home at 4. Worked out with all the getting there and back included I had done over 10k, the easier 5k being the race!

Plan to run it next year - minus the baby weights!

Food today has been good:

  • strawberries, puffed rice and natural yoghurt
  • granola bar
  • roast chicken and vegetables (parsnips, carrots, swede, cauliflower and broccoli)
  • ryvita, cream cheese and cucumber
  • greek yoghurt and honey


  1. Stunning pictures!! GRATS!!

  2. Oh Joy you rock!!!!
    I am so pleased,happy proud of you with you and your face book pics made me teary eyed

    I know you have been so dedicated to this...go you!

  3. Great slideshow! Joy you really REALLY look good. The babies are so adorable. Congrats on participating in such a great charity!