Thursday, July 09, 2009

right, it's not working

the eat whatever you like, in moderation, aspect of weightwatchers is what makes it so easy to follow for many. Including me, at the start. I could eat my favourite foods, I had 43 points a day, so it was easy to use 15-20 on a nutritionally worthless pile of junk of an evening, still having eaten a days good food and being on track.

Now I am down to 28 points, I cannot do it. Neither, it seems, can I eat the trigger foods in moderation. Just one cupcake isn't something I can do. Once these foods have entered my system, the switch is flipped, and I roam the kitchen shoving almost anything I find into my mouth.

After some very crappy news on Tuesday, I managed to go from totally on track - having eaten wonderfully, drank my water and exercised - to completely off the wagon. By the end of yesterday I was 20 points over for the week! That's right - even if I eat nothing now until Monday morning, I'm still over on points. *Tres sigh* I am up by 10lbs. !10lbs!

What set me off (other than the very upsetting news?) ice cream (to go with muffins), bread, custard (to go alongside sponge), rice pudding (cos it was next to the custard in the shop), cereal bars, more bread, cakes, muffins.. etc etc

Wheat, wheat and wheat. The sugar isn't really as much of an issue. The dough is what gets me into the red with my points.. all the other stuff is just a support act.

So, I draw a line. My joints are suffering. I wasn't able to complete week 4 of my pushups because of the chronic pain in my wrists and elbows. I am cutting out wheat, going to get back on track today, and forget the silliness of the last 48hours.

Lesson learnt - when I get bad, bad news. Cry, scream, wail into a pillow, shout at the sky.. don't force down the grief with wheat, it just hurts more.

And for me, not everything in moderation. I am not a moderate woman, not in my views, beliefs, emotions or personality - I am not calm or temperate, I find it incredibly hard to show restraint, so why would my eating be any different?


  1. sorry but well done getting back on it. wheat though? you binge on wheat?

  2. Great post - a very inspirational blog.

  3. 28 points is still a nice amount but I guess with the breastfeeding you probably need every one of them! Could you freeze cupcakes and take out one per day? You may be right though, it might be worth trying to go without wheat - do you think that is what is giving you the chronic pain? Have you see the GP about it?

  4. I'm sorry to read you're having a crappy week Jo. Really, I am. Okay, so the week has been in the shitter and you've binged a little, now just refocus. Put the week behind you and get forging ahead.

    By the way, when i was in England last I bought the WW dessert that was like a treacle sponge. Dang that was sooo good.

    Hang in there and enjoy your weekend!