Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Finally got hold of a copy of Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred, though my DVD player being region 2 only - I will have to use my laptop.

My mate Solveig has just started blogging her weightloss, she's down 17lbs already! Last night she began the shred, and I'm green with envy. Will have to start this soon, had wanted to start today and be shred buddies, but after 10minutes and having hollered at the kids several times to not lie in front of my feet/jump on my back/play with the laptop I gave in. Will need Sam to take the kids to play in the garden each evening to do it, they always want to join in if I exercise at home.. cute for about 20 seconds, then very annoying. So once I have my challenges done, I will move onto the shred.

Have just over a month between our wedding anniversary and my birthday, so am planning to do the shred then, as new incentive once I am easily able to fit back into my dress!! Meanwhile I am looking forward to hearing about how Sol finds it. The promise of 20lbs in a month has my unwavering attention.

Food for today:
  • porridge
  • grapes and strawberries
  • scrambled egg and cottage cheese with pork stirfry (carrots, corn, peas, peppers, beans and onion)
  • oat and blueberry pudding with blackcurrant jam
  • gluten free, dairy free, egg free tiffin (a tray of it, was delicious!)
  • raspberries and vanilla yoghurt.
  • 3 milk choc buttons and 4 dried strawberries.

(heavy on the oats to try and stabilise my poor gut after yesterdays day of fructose and sucrose!)


  1. Joy, no need to be envious it is HELL. I mean it. But I'd rather do 20 mins of high impact than an hour of medium impact ;) Still think 20lbs in 30 days sounds too good to be true though...

    Day 2 of the shred was OK, I was surprisingly not too sore today after the first go yesterday...

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog. You are an inspiration!!
    I love the shred mostly because I can get it done on 20 minutes. The day after I did it the first time, I could barely walk for a couple of days but I was SO out of shape. It is a really complete workout.

  3. what on earth is shredding!?!?!?

  4. back at it... good for you!