Friday, July 17, 2009

wearing size 'S'

Bought myself a nursing top from H&M a couple of weeks back. They are a bit pricey for a basic top, so I have always made do with my normal clothes, and worn a belly band underneath to hide my jiggly tummy when feeding the girls. As the weather has gotten warmer, and my belly less jiggly, I have not been bothering with the bands so much.. preferring to wear a strappy top and shirt, or just feed one at a time, to avoid exposing my midriff.

Last Saturday I had gone out wearing a completely useless top, as far as feeding was concerned. We popped into H&M to get the girls some new trousers, ans I spotted the top I had been eyeing.. there was a small and a medium left. Sam picked up the small, not batting an eye and paid for it, sure it would fit. I was not so optimistic, but agreed that it would get used at some point soon.

Today I wore it, fits perfectly and so nice to be able to feed both girls without tugging away at my hem! Wow, a small! Also wore my new pair of sugar knee highs (making the most of the rainy weather - at least I can enjoy boots) and after having to yank them up to re-tie realised what a NSV that was - not only can I get the things up over my legs - they are big enough to fall down unless adjusted! No excess calf flab holding them up! Yay.

Food today:
  • oatibix and skimmed milk
  • plain ryvita and honey
  • tuna napolitana (no pasta for me) with mushrooms, onion, peas, corn, pepper, carrots and broccoli
  • 0% fat Greek yoghurt with honey and pecans
  • small portion of chip shop chips and ketchup
  • handful of strawberries

Food I really wanted, but lovingly dished up to my family without eating any, cos it had wheat:

  • crumpets with jam
  • honey on toast
  • cocktail sausages
  • pasta
  • ice cream
  • ardennes pate *sob*
  • chicken nuggets
  • proper chip shop burger
  • battered cod *tummy rumble*
  • strawberries and cream on scones with jam *wails*
I am proud of me today. I am a little hungry, but will grab some fruit in a bit. Busy weekend ahead now. I really want to stay on track and see a fantastic result on Monday.


  1. love the food I wanted to eat section... SMALL? waytogo, Joy!

  2. Just been catching up on blogs and whatnot....all of your posts from this past week have made me smile. You are staying strong! *is proud*
    You are doing soooo well Hunni!!

    Not quite the same, I know....but I am transferring from the XX's into actual numbered sizes, which is a little novel for me.....I used to pick up the size that had the most 'X's in front of the 'L' LOl!!
    And coming into the middle (instead of the back) of the rack to find my size is a bit of a 'grin' moment too!!


  3. Oh I LOVE nonscale victories like this one!

    It feels so good when a smaller size ... well, feels good on!

    Good work lady ^_^ Keep it up!