Monday, July 13, 2009

week 46 - 128 points over for the week.

I have 28 a day, or 196 a week. Last week I ate 324. That's 46 a day, even more than I was eating when I began pointing, weighing 16 stone and exclusively breastfeeding 3 month old twins.

Last week I was confused to gain 1lb after being on track. This week I am confused again, after eating an extra 18 points a day, and losing 0.5lb.

Stats as of today -
BMI - 26.8
Weight - 151.5 lbs, total of 70.5 gone forever. 10.5 til gold.

Really, it's explainable. I'm not going to think that I can get away with eating so much and losing! Since I had a weird gain the week before, which was bound to be water weight, it's expected to see a decent loss the week after. Added to that, I have stopped eating wheat. Once before I cut bread out of my diet for a week when using Weight Watchers, back in 2004. I lost 5lbs in that week, after months of 0.5/1lb losses. So cutting the wheat out was bound to mean a big loss, regardless of my silliness earlier in the week.

*and* I wasn't eating 46 points a day, all the overeating was done in the front half of the week, weight was up to 162 by Thursday, and back to 151.5 today - so this week really saw a gain of 10lbs, followed by a loss of 10.5lbs. - Kinda don't mind my class not knowing that though!

So, onwards and downwards - breaking up with wheat is working well for me, and I am excited to get my 75lbs (come on, please!!) this week. 4.5lbs to go - my (slightly less) bloated bod will thank me.


  1. here's to a great week for both of us.

    onward and upward (toward our goals) and downdowndown!


  2. Great job getting back on your healthy eating plan! I have 7 kids, and it can be hard to lose the weight. I liked that you are keeping track of your measurements. My waist went from a 56 (I think that's right) to a 27.5". It's an awesome feeling!