Friday, July 17, 2009

WHat *do* you EAT?

Over the last week, as I've turned down biscuits at playgroup, explained why I wouldn't be eating the scones and cream teas, emailing friends about not worrying about needing specialty stuff for me for an upcoming BBQ and blogging about the greatness of week 1 wheat free - the subject of what I can eat has been one that has come up frequently.

The idea of not eating anything containing wheat sends some into a mild panic (I was one of them).. "no bread? no flour? no PASTA?" "What on earth *can* you eat?" "Must get very boring/be very difficult" "It's in WHAT? HTF are you meant to avoid it when it's in so many foods??"

I have been amazed at the amount of foods (mostly, and not by coincidence I'm sure, in the foods I 'prefer') that contain wheat. Picking up my favourite chocolate bar - a galaxy caramel - I see wheat listed in the ingredients. Sam is once again free to have his favorite ice cream in the freezer, as it contains wheat, and so is safe from my gut, under strict orders from my resolute brain.

Sausages, burgers, kievs etc - all not allowed. Meaning I am forced to eat more poultry, lean meats, beans and *shock* fish for protein. I have eaten more variety this week than in the 3 months previous.. so cutting wheat has certainly not been boring. Neither has it been difficult. We are lucky to have *so* much variety available to us now, there's no reason to need to eat wheat. The supermarkets have loads of gluten free products in their free from ranges now. While expensive, they can be useful on days (like Monday this week) when you just *have* to have a bun, or pitta, or cake slice..

So far in the Sainsburys free from range I have tried the caramel slices, chocolate tiffins, hot cross buns, and pitta breads..

Caramel slices felt heavy, too dry, and just didn't quite crumble the way I wanted. Oh, and they were 3.5 points per teeny sliver... sooo not worth it. Though, really they probably tasted close to the real thing - my tastes have changed.

The tiffins were fab. Again a bit more crumbly than crisp, but not too dry, and rich enough to seem very naughty and treatlike.

The hot cross buns again were heavy and drier than usual ones. I sliced them into 4 layers, rather than 2, before spreading them, so they weren't *as* dry. Better to treat them as toasted fruity scones than buns.. with that my head was fooled and I was happy.

The pitta breads are great. Dryer than normal, again.. but fling a bit of water at them and once toasted and filled they did the trick.

So you can continue to eat those things if you really want to.. but there's plenty of other foods to eat anyway. I'll start to outline my daily foods when I blog, so anyone interested can get an idea of the possibilities. At the same time, I'm very open to receiving any ideas/recipes to try!

Yesterdays food:

  • Strawberries and kiwi with 0% Greek yoghurt.
  • 2 oatibix and skimmed milk.
  • almonds, cranberries and raisins.
  • tuna in sauce and stir fry vegetables.
  • chocolate coated rice with raspberry yoghurt.
  • honey cashews and apple slices.
  • pumpkin seed ryvita with chicken and salad.


  1. ive never tried the wheat free stuff but the gluten free (much the same) I much prefer. if you can try the gluten free chocolate macoroons *has mini foodgasmn* they are utterly beautiful and i cant buy them because ill eat the whole lot!!

  2. Hey Joy! Thanks for following my blog! Just thought I'd reciprocate and stop by to say hellO!

    Love Liz xx