Monday, July 13, 2009

withdrawal hits..

ooh there were signs it was coming but I wanted to pretend it wouldn't happen. Have felt mildly irritated and waiting on a headache since Saturday evening, and today after lunch I dozed off while the girls nursed/napped. Has been ages since feeding the girls made me fall asleep, and I woke feeling refreshed (which was weird and nice all at once). It was a lie. Halfway to Sainsbury's I suddenly felt shattered, fluey and achey. My head was pounding, I was sweating and felt like I was going to have an anxiety attack, except it was all physical, emotionally I felt OK.

Quite obviously die off! I found the water aisle and chugged down 2 bottles while shopping, managed to get everything (and found a great pair of jeans - had been moaning about not having any fitting jeans now) and paid and got back to meet Sam on time.

Monday is chippy night - I had bought a chicken instead of the battered fish, so once we collected our chips we sat on the field near our home and had our evening nosh. I felt so rough, managed a 1/2 portion of chips but couldn't face the chicken. Kept chugging water while my head was beating angry rhythms and I felt queasy but like I was starving. The wheat toxins were not happy to be evicted!

Am now 4 days and 5 hours out - 101 hours since wheat went into my body. I did not give in. Feel better now, 2 litres of h2o and a galaxy bar later (though not my fave galaxy caramel - it has wheat, boo!)

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