Wednesday, July 22, 2009

you are well on your way to being shredded...

does she have to say it with such sadistic glee? Have to admit, was a huge relief to hear that sentence, allowing me to melt into a heaving, sweaty mess of a person-puddle on the floor. For the 20 minutes prior I had been following her commands, pushing myself harder than I have done since I last gave birth.

A mother of 4 should not be scared of a 20 minute workout. If I repeat that often enough I may begin to believe it.

Unable to wait, patience never my strong point, I re-juggled my planned challenges.. to be honest I am a bit burned out with the pushups challenge, while I am determined to complete it, week 4 seemed a good place to break.

I have 31 days until my anniversary. I want to drop at least another 15lbs by then, and get into the dress. The shred seems the obvious method of achieving that goal. Plus I want to join Solveig as she shreds. Misery loves company.

So, when my mum offered to take the twins for 45mins this morning, I knew it was time to bite the bullet and rip open that DVD. Lately it's been everywhere - in my twitter and facebook feeds, on my blog reader, and the reason? It kicks arse, takes just 20mins and really works!
The DVD has 3 workouts, in 'levels', each harder than the last. Workouts about 20 minutes, and contain three 6 minute long circuits. Each circuit is 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of ab work. Jillian says to shred daily for the best results, 10 days at each level.

Between now and 22nd August I will shred 30 times. I intend to shred daily, and move up the levels as suggested.. I'll need to get strong fast!

I really pushed myself in order to complete the workout, boy! I am fairly active but this pushes you to really give everything you can. Knowing that it was just 20 minutes, I kept going. After circuit 1 I didn't know if I had it in me to complete. I hadn't needed to modify the moves too much.. my strength is fine but my endurance is poor! Too used to being able to sit under feeding twins I feel? In any case I made myself forge on. Circuit 2 was alright. The 3rd, though hard, was almost enjoyable. I believed Jillian when she told me that the burn was good, that my body was adjusting. She was so motivational, pulling me through, I almost felt bad for having sworn at her minutes earlier. The cooldown stretches were like heaven. Then came the torrential rain-sweat. A quick shower and cool water later, and I was very pleased to be started.

Having gotten onto it, I want to catch up with Sol, so this evening I shredded again. I sweated the same, I swore more, I modified less. These are good changes I feel!

Shred 2/30 completed.

Food today:
  • Oat and fruit pancakes with jam
  • greek yoghurt with raspberrys
  • choccy buttons
  • ryvita and nutella
  • strawberries
  • egg and cheese with salad
  • ryvita and pate (yay found a wheat free one) and cucumber


  1. Wow.
    Sounds rough.
    I think I shall pick it up. I need to lose about 45lbs.
    Glad the 'pancakes' turned out well.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. what are choccy buttons?? Sounds yummy :)

  3. Tis rough, tis fun. The first circuit is the killer. Once you've pushed through it a couple times everything does just get easier. Not easy (yet) but easier.

    Chocolate buttons, little round button sized pieces of chocolate. Melt in the mouth far too easily, but a great way of getting a taste without 100s of cals.