Sunday, August 30, 2009

Not so Sunday

it's a grey and gloomy one, Sam is out for the day with his mates and I am just getting housework type bits done, preparing for our stay in Leicester later this week. Tomorrow we are going to the bank holiday donkey derby, and then Tuesday I'll be packing and doing last minute cleaning.

Not got WI tomorrow, and will be away for the next weeks, but fully intend to go back to my meeting on the 14th September, with my leader and card non the wiser of the last months difficulties! Last meeting I attended was July 20th, I weighed 148lbs. Am hoping to be back there (if not the 1lb lighter to take me to my 75lb certificate!) on her scales in 2 weeks.

Have had an OK week, not perfect but a 180 from where I had been for the majority of August. I feel like I've restarted, which is good. Have gone over points 2 days this week, but tracked each one, as well as stayed wheat free and active. My head is feeling a lot clearer and my home is so much better too. Every thing falls into place when my head is in the right place, the eating is just a symptom.


  1. you sound good. kick ass on vacation. which means limit the damage but have fun...

  2. Here's to a healthy second wind...

    You can do this.